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Who we are:

Healthcare Systems was established in 2010 mainly to service the ICU and ER patient monitors , our main contractor was GE healthcare life care solution; we never since then stopped growing and learning.

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​​Our Specialty:



1- Surgery and woundcare:


Our main focus is plastic and trauma surgery in addition to diabetic foot care centers, we promote various products utilized to improve the patient condition and reduce days of the length of treatment and usually hospital stay.

- Dynamic tissue systems from Southmedic helps surgeons close difficult retracted wounds utilizing silicone elastomers ( threads) to apply external therapeutic tension serves as external expanders. Suturesafe on the other side is used to decrease tension on the wound edges after being closed by sutures or glue to prevent dehesince and reduce scars.

- Micromatrix and Cytal, from Acell Inc: it is top of the rank propriety Acellular matrix used by plastic surgeons to regenerate skin tissues in most difficult wounds such as the cases where tendon or bone is exposed, it is used by a dermatologist in hair implants or hair treatment to improve the condition of hair follicles.

- Manukamed: Manuka honey dressing with high absorbant pads serves diabetic foot patients all over the country; our dressing absorbs secretions, acts as bactericidal, and acts as debridement gentle material which creates a very healthy environment for wound healing.

- Liquiband: our famous skin glue used in surgery to close wounds as an alternative to sutures and used in ER  to decrease scars specially on the face.

2- Medical equipment consumables and accessories:


Healthcare systems is one of the most reliable suppliers of General electric healthcare and Philips healthcare patient monitors, mother & fetal monitors, anesthesia, and incubators accessories, and consumables. Our list of items exceeds 800


We call on the following areas:

  1. Surgeons: Trauma, Plastic, Orthopedic, OB / Gynecologist.

  2. Dermatologist

  3. Nursing departments

  4. Biomedical engineering

  5. Operation rooms

  6. Wound care clinics

  7. Outpatient clinics

  8. Pharmacies

Our customers:

  1. Ministry of Health

  2. Military hospitals

  3. National Guard Health affairs

  4. University hospitals.

  5. Private hospitals

  6. Day surgery

  7. Private clinics

  8. Pharmacies

Our team:


The solid, focused team, and most importantly very visible, and commission-based. Our team members are either nurses who join the surgeons in the OR or work with them hand by hand in wound clinics or pharmacists who perform calls on doctors, surgeons, and pharmacists and highlight the features and benefits of our products.

Geographic coverage :


We cover all major cities with offices in Riyadh and Jeddah, our warehouse is located in Riyadh.

Our team is based in the Major cities : Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah and Abha  and travels North and south , east and west to serve customers in remote areas.

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Meet Healthcare Systems


Healthcare Systems EST, is a local Saudi company specialized on providing hospital and healthcare supplies and equipment based in Riyadh, with a focus on Respiratory, Anesthesiology and Surgical Supplies. 


supported by its qualified and experienced multilingual team of professionals with adequate expertise to understand sensitivities of requirements of healthcare across their territory of operation, has grown multi folds and established a track record of offering innovative, reliable, state-of-the-art technology based healthcare supplies and support services to healthcare institutions in Government and Private sector of Saudi Arabia, rest of GCC and Middle East countries.


HS mission is to be the most reliable, customer-centric healthcare solutions provider in the GCC

Customer centricity

at HS customers are core. We always aim to understand them and build strong relationships.



HS believes in cultivating leadership skills for sustainable development and in continuously investing in developing its people’s skills and expertise to ensure world class standards


HS ensures that the company’s daily conduct is accountable, ethical, transparent 


HS has developed a culture of research, development and creative thinking to lead and preach better quality of life and healthcare


Covering all regional entire Saudi market
The dedicated sales team for every division with the continuous development plan
experience in the medical market
complete solutions for user
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